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Underwater and topside nature photography from Southern California.All images Copyright © Mike Johnson. All rights reserved.

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Correspondence and Terms of Image Use

Students may capture images from this site and incorporate them in their reports so long as they properly credit the source. They may not include them in web pages on the Internet. Due to the volume of requests, I cannot make higher resolution images available for free use.

Researchers and Instructors please contact the photographer for uses not covered by Fair Use under U.S. copyright law. Reproduction online is NOT included in FairUse.

There is a fee for any use of an image associated with a service, product, promotion, or campaign. Fees vary depending on the type and extent of use. When requesting a quote, please include the following in your correspondence:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your picture of x on my website?
No. Due to professional obligations to my clients, I must insist on maintaining control of how my images are used. I am glad to help bonafide researchers and images are certainly available by fee for editorial and advertising use.

Did you take all of the pictures on the this site?

Where were these pictures taken?
Virtually all were taken in southern California or nothern Baja California.

What kind of camera equipment do you use?
Prior to 2006: Nikonos underwater cameras and housed 35mm land cameras. Everything since 2006 has been shot with housed Nikon DSLRs.

Do you shoot underwater video?
Yes, by assignment only. See
blue whales (QuickTime required).


modified 3/18/09