Pteropods, Salps, Jellies, Ctenophores

Pegea confoederata
Pegea confoederata

Cyclosalpa affinis
Cyclosalpa affinis

Pegea confoederata and diver

in the
Open Ocean

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Chrysaora fuscescens
Chrysaora fuscescens

Pteropod Corolla spectablis
Corolla spectablis

Pyrosoma tuberculata

Pteropods are shell-less snails that propel themselves through the water column by beating wing-like structures. This specimen is approximately 8cm in diameter.

Pyrosoma tuberculata

Cyclosalpa affinis and commensal

Pyrosoma tuberculata and commensal

Beroe cucumis

^ Look closer at this colony of salps.

Pyrosoma tuberculata
[ another view ]

Resembling a giant bacterium, this Beroe is a member of a family of specialized zooplankton called ctenophores. Take a closer look...

Purple striped jelly

Purple stripe jelly
Pelagia colorata

Butterfish in Pelagia colorata

Physalia physilis

While panoceanic, the man-of-war is an unncommon sight in the temperate northeastern Pacific.

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